Five terrorists killed in IDF mixed gender unit’s first combat operation

A Hamas network, armed and gearing up for a major terror rampage in the hitherto peaceful Jordan valley, was broken up on Sunday by an IDF mixed gender unit, the deputy commander, a woman Lt. A reported. In its first combat operation, the Lions of the Valley light infantry battalion raided the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp next door to Jericho, where a pair of gunmen were holed up after last week attacking the te Me Casa restaurant near the Almog Junction on the road to the Dead Sea. The terrorist’s gun jammed and so no one was hurt. The Shin Bet and Military Intelligence which tracked the pair to the refugee camp found them to belong to a larger Hamas network which was getting set for widespread action. At the start of the raid on Sunday, the IDF unit’s commander was shot at point blank range from a building in the refugee camp and saved from injury by a bulletproof vest. In the ensuring firefight, five Palestinians were killed, 7 detained and a large cache of vests with attached grenades, pistols and fully loaded M4 rifles was discovered. Hamas has threatened reprisals for the loss of its network, putting the military on guard in the Gaza region.

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