Former Supreme Court President Miriam Naor dies aged 74

Miriam Naor, who retired as Supreme Court President four years ago, died suddenly at her home in Jerusalem early Monday, after 38 years on the bench. She is survived by her husband, Prof. Aryeh Naor and two sons, Michael and Naftali.
Born in Jerusalem in 1947, she studied law at the Hebrew University after her military service. She won her first judicial appointment to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s court in 1980 after clerking for Supreme Court justice Moshe Landau and working on constitutional issues in the State Attorney’s office. During her 17 years with the supreme court, Miriam Naor led judgements for and against key legislation. Up until her last day, Justice Naor had been presiding over the national probe into the Mt. Meron stampede catastrophe that claimed 45 lives on Lag Be’Omer two years ago.


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