Further slide in coronavirus infection

New covid cases dropped on Thursday to 4,922, below five thousand for the first time in months, while tests that came out positive fell to 6.7pc. The number of seriously ill in hospital dipped to 985, the lowest figure since Jan. 8 and the critical R factor declined to 0.88.  However, 15 coronavirus patients died overnight, pushing the mortality total in a year to 5,286.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein appealed to young people to overcome their reluctance and get vaccinated: “We’re just a tiny step from being able to reopen the gyms,” he said. “A small decision will determine whether you join the party or are left behind.”

Coronavirus Director Prof. Ash warned that Israel is not yet out of the woods. Everyone must continue to abide by the rules of mask-wearing and non-crowding since the British covid variant could upend the downward turn in a trice.


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