Galant: Security situation dictates halting reform legislation and protests

Defense Minister Yoav Galant sternly called Saturday night both on the government to suspend judicial reform legislation and its opponents to halt their mass protests, especially the speading refusal to serve by groups of IDF reservists. There can be no winners in this conflict, he stressed, only one loser, Israel. Galant reiterated the urgent warnings relayed to prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu last week by himself, the chief of staff and the Shin Bet director of the dangers besetting Israel on multiple fronts: Gaza, terrorists, Iran and Lebanon.
Minutes after the broadcast, prominent Likud members, Yuri Edelstein, David Biton, Avi Dichter and Haim Bibas, chairman of the local councils authority, issued a call to to the prime minister to shelve reform legislation until after Independence Day so as to let the Passover festival and national holidays go by undisturbed by the turbulent discord of the past 12 weeks.

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