Gamzu warns Arab communities to expect hundreds of fatalities

Coronavirus director Prof. Ronni Gamzu warned Arab community leaders he met on Saturday, that by failing to stick to the health rules, their fatalities will go into hundreds in three weeks. A big wedding took place in the Arab Silwan district of Jerusalem, without masks or distancing.  Of the greatest concern, Gamzu said, is the pervasive coronavirus denial, which leads to the neglect of mask-wearing and unrestrained crowd events – not just in the “red” cities but all over the country. Most of the new cases in the last 24 hours were found in regions not listed red, the director reported.

Another 28 deaths were registered on Saturday in the last 24 hours raising the total to 993. The total was boosted to 126,419 by 1,335 new cases, including 25,069 actively sick and 426 in serious condition.

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