Hamas co-founder denies Israel’s right to exist. This is an Islamic region

Mahmoud al-Zahar, co-founder of Hamas, told Sky in a rare interview at his Gaza home that Hamas’ “victory’ was due to its ability to fire rockets into densely populated Israeli civilian areas. The interviewer, Sky’s Middle East correspondent, Mark Stone, responded: “You are firing rockets and missiles from civilian areas here in Gaza at civilians in Israel. That’s not acceptable, that’s a war crime.”

When Stone asked Al-Zahar: Do you accept that the State of Israel has the right to exist, the Hamas leader reacted angrily. “No. Why? Why? You are coming from America and you take my house. You came from Britain and you took my brother’s house. This is a settlement. You are not a citizen. We are the owners of this. This is an Arabic area. This is well-known as an Islamic area, well-known.”

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