Hizballah hires 2 Galilee villagers for clandestine ops on Iran’s behalf

Indictments were served on Sunday against two Galilee villagers for undertaking hostile missions against Israel on behalf of Hizballah and Iran. They included conspiring to kidnap Israelis, weapons and drug smuggling, concealing arms caches for Hizballah cells, establishing new sleeper cells and locating strategic locations for future attacks.  Sultan Atallah, 55, from Yerka, and Rami Shami, 33 from Jedidah, got together with their handlers in Turkey. The pair were discovered in a joint police-Shin Bet operation and arrested in November after recruiting two accomplices. Together they surveyed the northern border district for suitable infiltration points from Lebanon. Security officials note that Hizballah’s drug and weapons smuggling agents have been focusing efforts on enlisting Israeli Arabs and Palestinians for terrorist and other clandestine operations against Israel on Iran’s behalf.

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