IDF begins snap drill for war readiness in Gaza sector

The Israeli military’s infantry, armored, artillery and air units launched early Sunday an unscheduled  exercise around the Gaza Strip. The various units are practicing their operational readiness for an array of combat scenarios centering on the Gaza Strip. Ending on Friday, March 1, the units will drill moving between sectors, firing exercises and aerial operations.

Saturday night, hundreds of Palestinians again hurled grenades and explosive devices at Israeli troops in what is escalating into a regular nocturnal outbreak of violence from the Gaza border.


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3 thoughts on “IDF begins snap drill for war readiness in Gaza sector

  • Feb 24, 2019 @ 12:03 at 12:03

    Given the IDF’s experience in dealing with “border riots” since late March 2018, they also need to practice coordinated ground, artillery, armor and air operations for the upcoming two front war. The unscheduled exercises will also send Hamas the message that Israel is prepared for the next stage of action, which may likely be the re-invasion and re-occupation of Gaza. Hamas has yet to come to the realization that Gaza is not a “consequence free zone,” providing unqualified immunity for acts of aggression. They failed to learn from “Operation Cast Lead (2008-09),” “Operation Pillar of Defense (2012),” and “Operation Defensive Edge (2014), which has cost them many lives and infrastructure. Wash, rinse and repeat as often as necessary!

  • Feb 24, 2019 @ 20:40 at 20:40

    What I don’t understand is why an arab that throws a grenade at a civilized human being is allowed to live. Similarly arabs, or packs of arabs, launching kite bombs.

    If an arab, or pack of them, threw a grenade at me or launched a kite bomb at my house, I would mow them all down immediately, regardless of age or gender. Letting them survive is sending a message that civilized humans encourage blood thirsty animals to attack them. Just doesn’t make any sense. What is wrong with the people making decisions in Israel? Have they been infected by suicidal leftist “ideology”?


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