IDF: “No Hamas officer may feel safe, over- or under-ground

Since early Saturday, 280 rockets in successive barrages from Gaza battered central and southern Israel by the end of the day. One man of 55 was killed in Ramat Gan, the 10 fatality in six days, along with a total of 600 injured. The Palestinians claim 129 dead – the majority, the IDF reported, were terrorists or caught by Hamas rockets falling short. IDF warplanes demolished its fifth high-rise building which housed Hamas military and intelligence facilities and officers’ homes, after evacuation warnings. An unknown number of armed Palestinians were trapped in dug-in underground command posts bombed by the Israel air force. “No Hamas officer, high or low, should feel safe over- or under- ground, the army spokesman warned Saturday night. “Hamas will think 500 times before ever again going to war against Israel.”

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