In 11 days, Hamas fired 4,000 rockets, the IDF trashed rocket-launchers and tunnels

In a summing up of the IDF’s 11-day Gaza operation, Spokesman Hadi Silberman reported on Friday the destruction of 100km of Hamas underground tunnels, as well as 570 rockets and launchers – some concealed underground or primed ready to fire..The air strikes took out 25 senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad commanders and 200 activists, as well as knocking out 70 multi-barreled launchers and 35 mortar firing pads. The Hamas weapons upgrade and production systems were seriously degraded. Demolished too were 10 Hamas government and 11 internal security buildings, as well as five banks used for funding terrorist operations. Of the 4,000 rockets the Palestinians fired against civilian centers in Israel, 90pc were either downed by Iron Dome, dropped harmlessly on open ground or fell short inside the Gaza Strip. Fortified shelters saved many Israeli lives, whereas the Gaza population were used as human shields for Hamas.

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