Iran boasts UAVs with range of 7,000km

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Chief Gen. Hossein Salami boasted on Sunday in an interview with IRNA: “We have unmanned aerial vehicles – drones with long range of 7,000 km. They can fly, return home and make landing wherever they are planned to.”
Military experts judge this claim as hyperbole typical of Iran’s practice of exaggerating its weapons capabilities – both to impress Americans and to raise the morale of a suffering population. If true, however, those Iranian drones could threaten any point in the Mid-East including US forces and reach continental Europe. The timing of this latest boast is intended to illustrate the hardening of Iran’s negotiating stance in nuclear talks under its new president. It also coincides with Tehran’s cutoff of camera images that enabled the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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