Iranian investigators: Scientist killed by remote-controlled machine gun

The Defense ministry in Tehran reported on Sunday the uncovering of a lead to the killers of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on Thursday. “Further information on the crime will be published soon,” said the statement. The Fars news agency reported that the scientist was killed by a remote-controlled automatic machine gun not as initially suggested by a squad of assassins. A new reconstruction of the attack was offered: The scientist and his wife were said to be driving to their home outside Tehran in a convoy of four bulletproof cars, when the security guards in one of the cars went ahead to check their home at Absard east of Tehran. The first bullets were then aimed at the lead car. Fakhrizadeh got out to see what was wrong. And it was then that three bullets hit him, fired from an unmanned Nissan car 500 feet away.


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