Iron Dome intercepts 8 of the 13-rocket barrage launched from Gaza

The Israeli regions next door to the Gaza Strip, including Sderot, suffered a 13-rocket barrage in 40 minutes early Wednesday. Tuesday night, thee was a twin rocket Palestinian strike against Ashdod ad Ashkelon, injuring two men. One is in serious condition. Israel countered that attack by hitting 10 Hamas targets, including a weapons and explosives factory, a rocket testing ground and underground structures. Then came the 13-rocket barrage and a second Israeli air strike against Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip. The pro-Iranian Islamic Jihad claimed that the barrage was conducted on the tit-for-tat principle of Palestinian retaliation for every Israeli attack. This was confirmed by Hamas official Hazem Qassam.

The twin rockets, one of which was intercepted over Ashkelon by Iron Dome, were launched from Gaza as the UAE foreign minister began his speech at the White House ceremony for the signing of a peace pact with Israel.

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