Israelis in Kazakhstan advised to avoid trouble spots after Israel man shot dead in Almati

Levan Kogeashvili, an Israeli man of 22, died in a shooting on Friday amid the violent protests sweeping Almati. No details on the circumstances of his death were released.  The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem announced that the consular authorities and embassy are arranging with the victim’s parents to have his body flown to Israel for burial. The ministry issued an advisory to Israelis to avoid visits to Kazakhstan at this time and counseled those operating in the troubled country to stay clear of trouble spots, be vigilant and observe security guidelines..

Kazakhstan’s president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered security forces to “fire without warning”, along with a violent crackdown on antigovernment protesters, whom he termed “bandits” and “foreign terrorists.” On Saturday, the former head of Kazakhstan’s domestic intelligence agency, Karim Masimov, was arrested and charged with high treason. Security Authorities claimed Saturday to have restored control of the streets of Almaty after four days of violent protests including the torching of government buildings and an unknown number of casualties, including demonstrators and security personnel.


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