Israel ministers meet again over new covid variant threat

At their second meeting on Saturday night, the ministers are to decide on the restrictions called for to stem the spread of the new South African covid variant dubbed Omicron. Three cases were detected in Israel. The Knesset is to be called into urgent session to approve any new measures. especially those focusing on entry to Ben Gurion airport, schools, and the lavish musical shows staged for children next week during the eight-day Jewish feast of Hanukkah The World Health Organization declared the strain to be a “variant of concern.” European health authorities consider the risk posed to be “high to very high.” Many member-states have rushed to ban incoming flights from southern Africa. Stock prices plunged, except for Moderna, marking a setback to post-coronavirus economic recovery. President Joe Biden voiced concern over the emergence of Omicron but noted that very little is known about the new variant.
Health authorities admit this,  but continue to advise vaccination since, they say, the cases of the South African variant occurring so far have produced only mild symptoms not requiring hospital care.

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