Israel strikes Syrian military positions after thwarting Golan explosions

IDF fighter jets and choppers Monday night hit Syrian military targets, including observation posts, anti-air artillery and a command and control base around Quneitra. The IDF spokesman said Israel held Syria responsible for the attempt by a four-man squad to plant bombs on Monday morning 25 m from the Golan border fence and well inside Israeli territory. An Israeli elite unit lying in wait shot all four dead in the act. Discovered at the scene of the attack were a number of explosive devices and weapons. The squad is believed to have belonged to a Syrian Shiite militia that may have taken its orders from Lebanon. Syrian TV reported that anti-air missiles targeted the Israeli aircraft which were in action “southwest of Damascus.” Before the attack, Israeli officers met the UNDORF chief for an advance warning.
After these incidents, IDF forces remain on high alert for Hizballah to make good on its vow to avenge the death of a fighter with a blow against an Israeli military target.

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