Israeli air force hits Palestinian rocket squad in Gaza

The Palestinian squad that fired three rockets into Israel Wednesday, along with 20 terrorist targets, were hit in the ongoing Israel air operation over the Gaza Strip that came on Wednesday in reprisal for two missiles fired earlier at Israeli cities. One wrecked a house in Beersheba, causing 7 light casualties. The second dropped into the sea opposite Greater Tel Aviv. The Palestinians claim the Israeli air raid struck seven targets, causing one death and several injured.

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2 thoughts on “Israeli air force hits Palestinian rocket squad in Gaza

  • Oct 17, 2018 @ 18:51 at 18:51

    GO IAF. Hit these MOTHER FUCKERS hard. Pound these bitches into the ground. The USA would not put up with this shit and neither should we.

    Deport the violent Arabs who only want Jihad.

    From the river to the sea Israel needs to be Arab free

  • Oct 17, 2018 @ 21:34 at 21:34

    Deport them all back to where they came from, most of them even have passports to Jordan and are still Jordanian citizens. They need to be living in their own Arab Muslim Nations NOT the Jewish State of Israel. There was a good reason why G-d told Abraham to listen to his wife Sarah when she told him to get Ishmael and his mother Hagar out of their home. G-d knew Isaac and Ishmael could not live side by side in any dwelling place. This is also why G-d told Joshua, when you come into the Land I am giving you as a inheritance you are to drive out the inhabitants of that land, tear down their standing stones and altars and demolish their high places…. and never make a covenant with them. Many Tribes listened to G-d some did not as a result they have become pricks in our eyes and thorns in our side just like G-d said they would. It is time all of Israel pays attention to our G-d. And enemy that vows to destroy you is not a foreigner under the Covenant of HaShem our G-d and therefore must be driven off our land not coexisted with and appeased.. Israel and all their Government and IDF Commanders need to listen to G-d and obey. These idiots pieces of crap need to be gone off our Land of Israel. G-d says so, and that settles it.


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