Israeli aircraft reportedly attack important Syrian T4 airbase

Syrian military sources report that Israel aircraft rocketed the big T4 air base near Homs, coming from the US Al-Tanf garrison on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Syrian air defenses were activated. The SANA state news agency claimed missiles shot by aircraft caused limited damage to the T-4 air base, which is used by Iranian forces and allied Shiite militias and was repeatedly raided by Israel in the past.

In the Sunday night air strike on the outskirts of Damascus that was also attributed to Israel, Syrian opposition sources based in London now claim that at least 11 people were killed – seven Hizballah, three Syrian troops and a civilian, The sources reported that a weapons depot shared by the Assad regime and Hizballah at Al Kiswa and at Damascus airport.

None of this information was confirmed by any other source.  Israel routinely declines to comment on such reports. The IDF spokesman commented only that “the military is actively involved in securing strategic objectives in a series of operations.” DEBKAfile adds: Hizballah’s use of Syrian military facilities is the result of the defense pact the Assad regime signed with Iran last month.

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