Israeli victim of Italian boat accident is flown home

Italian media report that the Israeli victim was a 50-year old Mossad retiree who died with three others when a boat capsized in a sudden storm on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. He is said to have been flown home by military plane. Two other victims were identified as Italian intelligence agents Claudio Alonzi, 62, and Dr. Tiziana Barnovi, 53, while a third was identified as a Russian Anya Bozhkova, 50.

According to La Repubblica, 18 of the 20 survivors were also either active or former intelligence agents, who swam to safey or were picked up by rescue craft. They were reportedly pulled out of hospitals and hotels in short order, including 10 Israeli agents who were flown home aboard a special executive plane earmarked for special missions. None of these reports are confirmed. If true, they call into question the official version that the event taking place on the doomed pleasure craft was just a “birthday party.”

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