Israel’s FM due in Cairo Sunday as Egypt pushes bid for long-term Gaza truce

Gaby Ashkenazi will be the first Israel foreign minister to openly visit Cairo since 2008 when he arrives on Sunday to meet his Egyptian counterpart Samah Shukry. Egypt’s intelligence minister will be flying concurrently to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza at the head of a large delegation to promote his government’s push for a long-term Gaza ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Israel insists on addressing the release of its MIAs and civilians held hostage by the terrorists before Hamas’ long list demands.  Israel is reported to have informed the Egyptians that a number of concessions will be granted next week to aid the Gaza population, such as the reopening of Gaza crossings, broader fishing zones, fuel for the territory’s power station, repairs of the power lines damaged during the 11-day conflict and permission for the delivery of Qatar funds.

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