Israel’s Shin Bet thwarted some 250 terrorist attacks this year

Nadav Argaman, director of Israel’s Shin Bet security service revealed Wednesday that since the start of 2018, his organization had thwarted some 250 terrorist attacks, which he termed “serious.” They included suicide attacks, hostage-taking and shootings. Argaman said that advances in new technology were very helpful in detecting and pre-empting terrorist conspiracies before they matured into action.
He spoke at a lecture before the International Ministerial Forum for Combating Terrorism which took place in Jerusalem.

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9 thoughts on “Israel’s Shin Bet thwarted some 250 terrorist attacks this year

  • Jun 13, 2018 @ 16:18 at 16:18


    1. Arg (ارگ) means “citadel” in Persian, and truly enough Shin Bet always made/kept successfully Israel a well defended and serene citadel in face of the threats.

    2. Arg! (onomatopoeia) Expressing annoyance, dismay, embarrassment or frustration. It is a true testimonial how many tens of thousands of failed vicious attacks, and how much teeth griding of all those found red handed.

    Arg-a-man has a very representative name. “Defender that shall not be seen” nice motto too!

    • Jun 13, 2018 @ 20:57 at 20:57

      Argaman is a shade of red in hebrew…

  • Jun 13, 2018 @ 18:20 at 18:20

    One day, the big bad wold Ahmed al-Jabari senior leader and second-in-command of the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, was riding his car.
    It was 14 November 2012, a very good day, as I will explain further on.
    Suddenly, he heard “knock- knock” on the roof of the car.
    – Who’s there, he said?
    – KABOOOM! a guy by name Kheil HaAvir answered.
    Then Ahmed was buried with all the honors required for a Hamas leader.
    Guess who taught to Kheil HaAvir this very pertinent answer?
    Who else than Nadav Argaman?

    • Jun 13, 2018 @ 18:51 at 18:51

      This was pretty good enough, but not by far like the 1967 Yated operation .
      A friend on Shin Bet by name Rif’at al Gamal went to Egyptians only days before the Six-day War claiming Israel would begin with ground operations.
      The Egyptians thus left their aircraft on open runways, which enabled the Israel Air Force to knock out Egypt’s entire powerful air force within three hours.
      Operation Yated is considered one of the most successful deceptions in Israeli intelligence history, on a par with Britain’s Operation Mincemeat during World War II.

    • Jun 13, 2018 @ 19:28 at 19:28

      Shin Bet has no right to place 2 unmanned spy and armed submarines in the Caspian Sea.
      Tehran is at less than 100 km of its shore and short range cruising missiles are easy to build.
      Sneaked in through Georgia and Armenia with local Mafia help as “power generators”and assembled and launched off Azerbaijan shore by Shin Bet.
      Does not matter are silent-silent, does not matter go 1km deep and hard to find, does not matter can switch quickly location in between maritime zones, Iran will find and destroy this danger!
      Guess how Shin Bet knows all cellular talk in Tehran?
      Must give up the submarines!

      • Jun 13, 2018 @ 21:13 at 21:13

        Why Not? Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and “Just (defensive) War” criteria recognize an “inherent right to individual or collective self-defense.” If the IDF Navy launches short range nuclear warheads against Terroran and other Iranian cities, turning them into the next Hiroshima or Nagasaki, then the Fagatollah has no one to blame but himself. If the Fagatollah wants to ride the nuclear fireball to Paradise, where he will commune with the Hidden Imam, that is his right, but he has no right to take millions of innocent Iranians, who simply want to live their lives in peace with him.

        • Jun 13, 2018 @ 21:34 at 21:34

          HAHAHA! You gave the answer to the unasked question “what was in these 2 black boxes parachuted that night just before launching?” Now I am sure, each submarine has at list one mini tomahawk with a small 10 kilotons.
          This is not Ok!

  • Jun 14, 2018 @ 2:04 at 2:04

    Shin Beth does really a good job. Saved many lives and defend Israel. My respect.

  • Jun 14, 2018 @ 2:54 at 2:54

    Yahood wants to live more then Muslim want to kill
    Simple equation


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