Israel’s top soldier sharply opposes revised nuclear accord with Iran

Iran undoubtedly seeks a nuclear weapon capability and means to use it, said IDF Chief Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi in a lecture on Tuesday. Reviving the 2015 nuclear accord, even with improvements, would be a bad thing and wrong, he said. Iran will only use it as an opportunity to further advance its nuclear program.
Israel will do its utmost to prevent a war because on day one, he said, we will come under a heavy missile blitz. Kochavi stressed that Israel’s main strategic advantage is its high intelligence skills, which would enable the IDF to reach a broad range of enemy military assets. Israel will have no qualms about striking back at any of Iran’s partners should they go on the offensive. For now, Kochavi said, the IDF is pursuing a preventive war by degrading the enemy’s ability to pose strategic threats or launch full-scale belligerence.




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