Knesset panel secret report: IDF is not prepared for possible war with Syria

If northern Israel was attacked from Syria tomorrow, the IDF would not be ready to fight, according to a secret report drafted by the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, which was disclosed Monday by TV Channel 2. The report was reportedly signed by the committee’s chairman MK Avi Dichter (Likud) and MK Ofer Shelah (Future). Likud member Yaakov Kish refused to sign it. Two weeks ago, DEBKAfile’s military sources described the tactics and aims of the large-scale IDF war game, which has just ended in northern Israel, as divorced from the current threats facing Israel from Syrian soil.

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2 thoughts on “Knesset panel secret report: IDF is not prepared for possible war with Syria

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    It would NOT be against only the IDF. The Quds Force units that align with Syrian Special Opeations and cross the lines that the US and NATO forces have drawn (and Russia agreed upon, which means Syria and Iran shouldn’t think Russia will go to war with the US over shooting IRGC units that cross into territories they are not allowed.) If they break their word and their promise, Trump is crazy. He was ready to nuke North Korea over several times! He didn’t do it not because he’s weak, its because our European partners didn’t want a third world war so we left it alone. Killing ISIS, IRGC/Quds units (WITH HEZBOLLAH, and that is not going to fly with the IDF and we will hit them and do it so fast that it won’t matter about how advanced their new helmets, night vision, vehicles and weapon systems are..they would be wiped out in hours at those border line crossings and Israeli areas of operations), and SAA/Special Forces as well.

    The US military doesn’t really, really want a war with Syria, but Assad is trying to act brave and confident because he thinks he’s invicible with Russia and Iran behind him….HE IS NOT. There are many despots and dictators I can name that thought they had allies that would help them fight us, and then they were killed like “dogs in the street” by US Marines later. Even Mahdi Army, who fought us in Iraq, didn’t back up the allied AQI units that Zarqawi was SO confident would come to his aid if a battle broke out. But instead, we took Fallujah not once, but three times so far (the most dangerous city in the country), and same as all the cities in the West of Iraq, Central Iraq (Baghdad surrounding areas), and elsewhere nearby. That’s why people blame us for ISIS.
    Because FALSE and IGNORANT confidence in drunken world leaders like Putin and chem weapon-using leaders like Assad, I can promise I know people in Delta Force squadrons here where I live near Ft Bragg, North Carolina. They would wipe out SAA/IRGC forces easily. In fact, the only reason the insurgents in Iraq caused us so much trouble and cost us lives was because they used small bombs in the road every day…that’s it. Nearly 80% of all deaths and injury were IEDs on the main roads, and by the way, no we have our OWN version that SEAL Team 6 uses and it will surprise any foolish Russian or Iranian Special Operations units when their lack of actionable intelligence causes their convoys to blow up NOT from the air and they won’t know why….you know why>?(because the over-confident top tier, most elite units as they cross the red lines with US-backed allies like the Kurdish CTU and IDF SOF units etc will bring it on themselves….we warned them politely and made a DEAL between MEN on both sides to kill ONLY ISIS. You break the Euphrates deal????? Ok!!!Enjoy what happens next. Trump IS REALLY crazy….if you think nothing’s going to happen, wow…like he said..”You’ll all see”)


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