Knesset passes first reading of Knesset dissolution law before snap election

The three readings still to go before dissolution becomes law face delays because Law Committee chairman Nir Orbach, a coalition rebel, plans to procrastinate on drafting the bill so as to give Opposition Leader former PM Binyamin Netanyahu time, if he so chooses, to try and build an alternative government during the incumbent Knesset term. If he goes for this option and succeeds, an election would be averted. Nonetheless, dissolution is expected to go through next week since elections are the majority’s will on both sides of the House. Yair Lapid will then take over caretaker prime minister.

The latest poll on Tuesday denied a majority win in the coming election to both competing camps, so portending another political impasse similar to the outcome of the past four elections. Unless either of the two camps is able to reshuffle and remodel, the Natanyahu-led bloc may expect  59-60 (out of 120); the departing  Bennett-Lapid-led group 56.

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