Knesset Speaker spurns Supreme Court order to call a vote on his ouster

Yuli Edelstein, the Knesset Speaker, Monday night rejected the Supreme Court’s order to call a a vote on the opposition motion to unseat him on Wednesday. He challenged the court’s right to intervene inn the Speaker’s authority for setting the plenum’s agenda. He said that ordering him to call a vote on the opposition motion to oust him was “unwarranted interference and an undesirable precedent for these times.”  Therefore, said Edelstein, “I cannot meet your ultimatum, since its significance is that the Knesset agenda is determined by the court – not the Speaker.” In view of the  special circumstances, said Edelstein “I find it hard at this moment to set a precise date, but I intend placing this vote on the Knesset agenda when the political situation is clarified.

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