Large haul of handguns smuggled from Lebanon for terrorist ops

Israeli security forces report the interception of their fifth haul of smuggled weapons from Lebanon this year. They were believed to be destined for terrorist operations by Israeli Arabs on behalf of the Iranian-backed Hizballah. The 43 Glock handguns and ammo, worth an estimated NIS2.7 million (app $820,000), were exhibited on Friday after being seized in the divided village of Gajar. Senior Hizballah activist Hadj Khalil Harb, a close ally of Hassan Nasrallah, was identified as the organization’s master smuggler of weapons and drugs.

The sources report that a number of cross-border terrorist attacks were foiled in recent months. They indicate that Hizballah wants to stay in the terrorist game without directly showing its hand in order for fear of popular disapproval at a time of profound penury in Lebanon.

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