Moscow again reports new air defense systems for Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry was quoted as saying Wednesday that Moscow plans to deliver new air defenses systems to Syria in the near future – in the face of previous Kremlin denials. The ministry also plans to study a US Tomahawk cruise missile captured in Syria in a recent attack to improve Russia’s own missiles, according to local media.

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149 thoughts on “Moscow again reports new air defense systems for Syria

  • Apr 25, 2018 @ 13:59 at 13:59

    Weapons to be used against Israel – legal targets for Israel to be destroyed !

    Why not sink the cargo ships heading for Syria…easier to find on open sea…

    Russia/Syria / Iran are threatening Israel –
    Israel has to hit them in time..

    • Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:27 at 14:27

      why not blow yourselves up? it will be quicker.

      • Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:33 at 14:33

        frigoff Ivan..

      • Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:49 at 14:49

        Hello ivan… to all who hate this nazi…i might have found him on fb…here his welcome mat…he left or that he still lives in his whore mothers basement
        sapienti sat, motherfucker!
        MENA conflicts, CT, wars, history, beats, blues, CETERA.
        dont follow me
        Lives in Monrovia, Bong, Liberia

      • Apr 25, 2018 @ 15:07 at 15:07

        will be quicker to destroy ruskie ships and ruskie air defenses.
        bye bye.

        • Apr 25, 2018 @ 22:36 at 22:36

          Well, what are you waiting for, “heroes”? They’ve been sitting right in front of your nose since September 2015 and you’ve done NOTHING??? No balls to blow them away with your superior firepower and technology? What is going on, what went wrong with your might and courage? Just a bunch of whining pussies dreaming of greatness and invincibility, but having no guts to do what it takes to prove it beyind any doubt. The whole world laughs at your delusional impotence.

    • Apr 25, 2018 @ 15:06 at 15:06

      agreed! these are for being used to attack israel!!
      destroy them! sink their friggin ships now!!
      russia is a big bad bully bear- time to burn the bear and kill it.

      • Apr 25, 2018 @ 16:30 at 16:30

        Israel should welcome those systems . Maybe than they will start thin king in terms of peace , and make it with everyone , not only with those states American infantile degenerates want . Americans on a way to be shown a lesson they might not survive . The world became really packed place , and there is no place in it for Americans , French and Anglo Saxon filth the Brits . But there is a place in it for Israel .

        • Apr 25, 2018 @ 18:14 at 18:14

          oi, ‘brits’ aren’t ‘anglo saxon filth’, they are troggish Mediterranean filth, like you. We angles and Sea axes, on the other hand, are the glorious master race that invented your world..

          • Apr 25, 2018 @ 19:23 at 19:23

            Please dont talk about masterrace, subhuman!

  • Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:06 at 14:06

    Why is Putin destroying Russia’s good name by supporting the worst regimes and worst terrorist organizations in the world? He claims to be stopping ISIS, but he’s merely empowering the radical, imperialist Islamic dictatorship in Iran the virulent terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Is he personally gaining that much power and money that it’s worth soiling Russia’s reputation?

    • Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:26 at 14:26

      PuTiN is the messiah for Russia. A holy warrior. What more could he wish for?

    • Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:32 at 14:32

      Good name? Russia was and always will be the number one terrorist regime on earth. Antagonist druken communist theives.

      • Apr 25, 2018 @ 16:07 at 16:07

        Never forget that the people who planned and executed the French Revolutions also planned and financed both sides in the American Civil War, World Wars I and II which they also planned. They devised Communism and Nazism, chosing Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt for their roles. These people chose George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard for the charades they are acting out in dividing world opinion so that political Zionists (using Judaeo-Christians as cannon fodder), and Islam will spill one another’s blood in World War III, as planned in 1871, in order to deliver totalitarian one world government to their proxy, the “Jewish” pope of the Roman Catholic church. Classic Hegelian dialectics — thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

        According to the Protocols, “We have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favor of that king-despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world.”

        “The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence — a matter which we shall arrange for — of their rulers, will clamor: “Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders — frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts — who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.”

        “When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world . . . The king of the Jews will be the real pope of the universe, the patriarch of the international church”.

        Never forget that Communism is Judaism. Brother Branham taught us Romanism will rule over the world, and that where Catholicism goes, Communism follows, because Rome takes the people’s money under promise of Spiritual blessings it can not deliver. Neither can it empower the people with faith in God’s Word. So her “Jewish” enemy, Communism stalks her promising material blessings to all who overthrow Rome who is our enemy also.

        “Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918” (H. H. Beamish, speech in New York, 1937).

        • Apr 25, 2018 @ 18:21 at 18:21

          It is, in fact, coming to be understood in the United States and Switzerland, at any rate—and possibly the conviction is growing in England too—that our present civilisation, which is all we have been able to build up through the sufferings, the perils and the splendid achievements of so many centuries, is the object of a deliberate world-wide, profoundly-conceived conspiracy.

          All over the world, in every country, and in almost every class of society, there exist the members of the formidable Jacobin or Bolshevik sect and confederation. This is the same force as that which perverted the glorious achievements of the French Revolution, and, having rendered unavailing the sacrifices which all classes had made to accomplish the modernisation of France and of Europe, marched through a welter of butchery to the establishment of a military dictatorship.

          It is this same force which overthrew the Russian Republic three years ago, while the Allies gaped ignorantly at their action, and which robbed the Russian people of the free constitution they had at last won, and the peace and victory which were almost within their grasp. It is the same force that at this moment is striving to overturn the German Republic and deprive that nation of its chance of self-redemption among the States of Christendom.
          – “The Red Fever: A Way to Deal with Our Bolshevists: Segregate Them!” by Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, January 25, 1920, page 5.

        • Apr 25, 2018 @ 18:36 at 18:36

          Zionism versus Bolshevism.
          A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People

          By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill.

          SOME people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.

          Disraeli, the Jew Prime Minister of England, and Leader of the Conservative Party, who was always true to his race and proud of his origin, said on a well-known occasion: “The Lord deals with the nations as the nations deal with the Jews.” Certainly when we look at the miserable state of Russia, where of all countries in the world the Jews were the most cruelly treated, and contrast it with the fortunes of our own country, which seems to have been so providentially preserved amid the awful perils of these times, we must admit that nothing that has since happened in the history of the world has falsified the truth of Disraeli’s confident assertion.

          Good and Bad Jews

          The conflict between good and evil which proceeds unceasingly in the breast of man nowhere reaches such an intensity as in the Jewish race. The dual nature of mankind is nowhere more strongly or more terribly exemplified. We owe to the Jews in the Christian revelation a system of ethics which, even if it were entirely separated from the supernatural, would be incomparably the most precious possession of mankind, worth in fact the fruits of all other wisdom and learning put together. On that system and by that faith there has been built out of the wreck of the Roman Empire the whole of our existing civilization.

          And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.

          ‘National’ Jews

          There can be no greater mistake than to attribute to each individual a recognizable share in the qualities which make up the national character. There are all sorts of men — good, bad and, for the most part, indifferent — in every country, and in every race. Nothing is more wrong than to deny to an individual, on account of race or origin, his right to be judged on his personal merits and conduct. In a people of peculiar genius like the Jews, contrasts are more vivid, the extremes are more widely separated, the resulting consequences are more decisive.

          At the present fateful period there are three main lines of political conception among the Jews. two of which are helpful and hopeful in a very high degree to humanity, and the third absolutely destructive.

          First there are the Jews who, dwelling in every country throughout the world, identify themselves with that country, enter into its national life and, while adhering faithfully to their own religion, regard themselves as citizens in the fullest sense of the State which has received them. Such a Jew living in England would say, “I am an English man practising the Jewish faith.” This is a worthy conception, and useful in the highest degree. We in Great Britain well know that during the great struggle the influence of what may be called the “National Jews” in many lands was cast preponderatingly on the side of the Allies; and in our own Army Jewish soldiers have played a most distinguished part, some rising to the command of armies, others winning the Victoria Cross for valour.

          The National Russian Jews, in spite of the disabilities under which they have suffered, have managed to play an honorable and useful part in the national life even of Russia. As bankers and industrialists they have strenuously promoted the development of Russia’s economic resources, and they were foremost in the creation of those remarkable organizations, the Russian Co-operative Societies. In politics their support has been given, for the most part, to liberal and progressive movements, and they have been among the staunchest upholder of friendship with France and Great Britain.

          International Jews

          In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

          Terrorist Jews

          There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd) or of Krassin or Radek — all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.

          ‘Protector of the Jews’

          Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people. Wherever General Denikin’s authority could reach, protection was always accorded to the Jewish population, and strenuous efforts were made by his officers to prevent reprisals and to punish those guilty of them. So much was this the case that the Petlurist propaganda against General Denikin denounced him as the Protector of the Jews. The Misses Healy, nieces of Mr. Tim Healy, in relating their personal experiences in Kieff, have declared that to their knowledge on more than one occasion officers who committed offenses against Jews were reduced to the ranks and sent out of the city to the front. But the hordes of brigands by whom the whole. vast expanse of the Russian Empire is becoming infested do not hesitate to gratify their lust for blood and for revenge at the expense of the innocent Jewish population whenever an opportunity occurs. The brigand Makhno, the hordes of Petlura and of Gregorieff, who signalized their every success by the most brutal massacres, everywhere found among the half-stupefied, half-infuriated population an eager response to anti-Semitism in its worst and foulest forms.

          The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies, which are now being perpetrated. This is an injustice on millions of helpless people, most of whom are themselves sufferers from the revolutionary regime. It becomes, therefore, specially important to foster and develop any strongly-marked Jewish movement which leads directly away from these fatal associations. And it is here that Zionism has such a deep significance for the whole world at the present time.

          A Home for the Jews

          Zionism offers the third sphere to the political conceptions of the Jewish race. In violent contrast to international communism, it presents to the Jew a national idea of a commanding character. it has fallen to the British Government, as the result of the conquest of Palestine, to have the opportunity and the responsibility of securing for the Jewish race all over the world a home and centre of national life. The statesmanship and historic sense of Mr. Balfour were prompt to seize this opportunity. Declarations have now been made which have irrevocably decided the policy of Great Britain. The fiery energies of Dr. Weissmann, the leader, for practical purposes, of the Zionist project. backed by many of the most prominent British Jews, and supported by the full authority of Lord Allenby, are all directed to achieving the success of this inspiring movement.

          Of course, Palestine is far too small to accommodate more than a fraction of the Jewish race, nor do the majority of national Jews wish to go there. But if, as may well happen, there should be created in our own lifetime by the banks of the Jordan a Jewish State under the protection of the British Crown, which might comprise three or four millions of Jews, an event would have occurred in the history of the world which would, from every point of view, be beneficial, and would be especially in harmony with the truest interests of the British Empire.

          Zionism has already become a factor in the political convulsions of Russia, as a powerful competing influence in Bolshevik circles with the international communistic system. Nothing could be more significant than the fury with which Trotsky has attacked the Zionists generally, and Dr. Weissmann in particular. The cruel penetration of his mind leaves him in no doubt that his schemes of a world-wide communistic State under Jewish domination are directly thwarted and hindered by this new ideal, which directs the energies and the hopes of Jews in every land towards a simpler, a truer, and a far more attainable goal. The struggle which is now beginning between the Zionist and Bolshevik Jews is little less than a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people.

          Duty of Loyal Jews

          It is particularly important in these circumstances that the national Jews in every country who are loyal to the land of their adoption should come forward on every occasion, as many of them in England have already done, and take a prominent part in every measure for combating the Bolshevik conspiracy. In this way they will be able to vindicate the honor of the Jewish name and make it clear to all the world that the Bolshevik movement is not a Jewish movement, but is repudiated vehemently by the great mass of the Jewish race.

          But a negative resistance to Bolshevism in any field is not enough. Positive and practicable alternatives are needed in the moral as well as in the social sphere; and in building up with the utmost possible rapidity a Jewish national centre in Palestine which may become not only a refuge to the oppressed from the unhappy lands of Central Europe, but which will also be a symbol of Jewish unity and the temple of Jewish glory, a task is presented on which many blessings rest.

        • Apr 25, 2018 @ 18:40 at 18:40

          Speaking in the House of Commons on 4 July 1922, Winston Churchill asked rhetorically,

          Are we to keep our pledge to the Zionists made in 1917…? Pledges and promises were made during the war, and they were made, not only on the merits, though I think the merits are considerable. They were made because it was considered they would be of value to us in our struggle to win the war. It was considered that the support which the Jews could give us all over the world, and particularly in the United States, and also in Russia, would be a definite palpable advantage. I was not responsible at that time for the giving of those pledges, nor for the conduct of the war of which they were, when given, an integral part. But like other members I supported the policy of the War Cabinet. Like other members, I accepted and was proud to accept a share in those great transactions, which left us with terrible losses, with formidable obligations, but nevertheless with unchallengeable victory.

          • Apr 25, 2018 @ 19:52 at 19:52

            Ivan: Just a reminder to you: Plagiarism from Jew-hate sites is still plagiarism.

        • Apr 25, 2018 @ 18:45 at 18:45

          September 10, 1941

          [Source: Weizmann Archives, Rehovot, Israel].


          Dated: 10th September, 1941

          Addressed to : The Right Honorable Winston S. Churchill, P.C., M.P., 10 Downing Street, SW1

          Greeting: Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

          I wish to thank you for the very kind message which you sent me through Mr. Martin. I deeply appreciate it. Still, our position has become so serious (nay, critical), that I feel I must lay the facts before you by letter if I cannot do so personally.

          Two years have passed since, on the outbreak of the war I offered to His Majesty’s government, on behalf of the Jewish people, the fullest active support of Jews in Palestine and throughout the world. A whole year has elapsed since you gave your personal approval to our offer to recruit the greatest possible number of Jews in Palestine for the fighting services and to form “Jewish military units abroad for service in the Middle East or elsewhere. But during these two years our readiness to serve has earned us only rebuffs and humiliations. Even in Palestine, where the need for ur service was acknowledged, our most zealous endeavours have not received a single word of public acknowledgement. Ten thousand Palestinian Jews have fought in Libya, Abyssinia, Greece, Crete, and Syria. But our people are never mentioned; our name is shunned, all contact or co-operation with us is kept dark as if it were compromising.

          In March last, before I left for the United States, I was given, in a letter from the Colonial Secretary, the assurance that the formation of the Jewish fighting force was reluctantly postponed – but surely postponed at the utmost for six months. I know with what enthusiasm the announcement that it is to be formed at last would be received by our people in Palestine and throughout the world. But this is not to be, even now. Even in Palestine, our people, for whom the defence of their country and of the British position in the Middle East may be literally a matter of life and death, are permitted to serve only under humiliating limitations and conditions.

          Tortured by Hitler as no nation has ever been in modern times, and advertised by him as his foremost enemy, we are refused by those who fight him the chance of seeing our name and our flag arrayed against him.

          I know that this exclusion is not in your own intentions and spirit. It is the work of people who were responsible for the Munich policy in Europe and for the White Paper in Palestine. We were sacrificed to win over the Mufti of Jerusalem and his friends who were serving Hitler in the Middle East; whereas the only thing which can secure the Arab is British strength in the Middle East, as has been clearly shown in Iraq.

          But are the Jews so utterly unimportant as the treatment meted out to them suggests? I have spent months in America, traveling up and down the country, and clearly searching the American scene. Forces over there are finely balanced; the position is uncertain. There is only one big ethnic group which is willing to stand, to a man, for Great Britain, and a policy of “all-out-aid” for her: the five million American Jews. From Secretary Morgenthau, Governor Lehman, Justice Frankfurter, down to the simplest Jewish workman or trader, they are conscious of all that this struggle against Hitler implies.

          It has been repeatedly acknowledged by British Statesmen that it was the Jews who, in the last war, effectively helped to tip the scales in America in favour of Great Britain. They are keen to do it – and may do it – again . But you are dealing with human beings, with flesh and blood, and the most elementary feeling of self respect sets limits to service, however willing, if the response is nothing but rebuffs and humiliations. American Jewry waits for a word – a call – from His Majesty’s Government. The formation of a Jewish fighting force would be that signal. Equipment cannot be the determining factor; there will always be some alternative use for whatever equipment is available; and fresh recruits are all the time being called up in the British Commonwealth by their hundreds of thousands, while we are being told to wait for one single division because of lack of equipment. If the spirit of American Jewry is roused, the influence which this will exercise on America’s rather sluggish production will return to you that equipment with manifold gains.

          Let me feel, Mr. Prime Minister, that our friendship is not spurned on the British side, nor our name obliterated at a time when Hitler is endeavouring to obliterate our very existence.

          Yours very truly

          Initials: C W

    • Apr 25, 2018 @ 16:23 at 16:23

      Did you say “Good name”? Really???

  • Apr 25, 2018 @ 19:11 at 19:11

    Time to give the Syrian opposition MANPADS so that they can turn Syria into another Russian Afghanistan nightmare.

  • Apr 25, 2018 @ 19:31 at 19:31

    What do you want me to tell you I’m just a jerk! But the Russians pay me so much money, but I prefer to live in the West, but they pay me to write some bullshit and I do it ..

    • Apr 26, 2018 @ 1:09 at 1:09

      iVaN_RaSPuTiN, the doctor is upset for the periodical you’ve missed.
      You are not allowed to skip any of the shots or the electrical shocks sessions.
      Keep as calm as possible and do not chew too much on your toes. Better
      leave the door open, an ambulance will came shortly to provide relief.

  • Apr 25, 2018 @ 20:50 at 20:50

    LOL. The TLAMs they left on the ground. There is a display up now. The missiles they took back to Russia are the new ones. They took control of a couple of the more advanced ones and brought them down.

    Russian cruise missile defense is probably the best there is.

  • Apr 25, 2018 @ 20:55 at 20:55

    Please do so.Nice task for the IAF / F35 to take them out.

  • Apr 26, 2018 @ 16:06 at 16:06

    Israel has attacked Syria many times over the last years. While Syria has not attacked Israel during that time. Only recently has it defended itself using 30 year old Soviet air defence.

    Putin being a Christian, he will not allow Iran or Hezbollah to attack Israel. Copy/paste in YouTube:

    “Putin Knelt & Prayed in Jerusalem 2012”

    But he will also not allow the Israeli “elite” to turn the Syrians over to the jihadi terrorists to be slaughtered, nor to Israel, or have it turned into another Libya.

    If Israel wants WWIII and be wiped off the map it should continue as done so far. I hope for Israel its “elite” will begin to listen to God instead of to the devil disguised as an angel of God. That angel wants Israel to abuse and attack its neighbors so it will be destroyed in retaliation.

  • Apr 27, 2018 @ 3:07 at 3:07

    Churchill was an ardent Zionist.


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