Muqtada Sadr wins Iraq election. Pro-Iranian Shiite factions crushed

The record low turnout of 41pc in Iraq’s general election on Sunday was due to a massive boycott by the majority Shiite voter, DEBKAfile reports.

  1. Voters all over vented their fury against a corrupt central government and its neglect of the nation’s interests.
  2. The Shiite factions allied with Iran were disenchanted with their patron and turned to the volatile Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr who shuns Iran.

According to the 94pc ballot count, Sadr’s faction was awarded 90 seats in Iraq’s 329-member parliament, followed by 30+ for the Sunni bloc. The e pro-Iranian factions sank from their current 49 seats to 14.

DEBKAfile reports that the IRGC Al Qods chief Brig. Gen. Esmael Ghaani rushed over to Baghdad on Monday for a tardy bid to save the Iranian foothold from collapse. The US and Israel celebrated the outcome – not least, as a step towards eliminating Iraq as Iran’s main conduit for supplying weapons to Syria and Hizballah in Lebanon.

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