NASA’s Perseverance probe to Mars will search for alien life

The Mars probe scheduled to be launched on Thursday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, is NASA’s third this summer. It is described as an “alien-hunting, self-driving car, to seek possible signs of ancient life hidden in the Marian soil and bottle them up for return to earth by another robotic mission later this decade. It also carries the first extraterrestrial aircraft, a super lightweight helicopter powered by American plutonium, as well as the first microphone.
The liftoff will be streamed live on NASA TV. You can watch it on Thursday at 7.00 am ET (1400 Israel time). After a six-month journey, Perseverance will touch down in Jezero Crater, once an ancient river delta. Scientists believe that if ever there was life on the Red Planet, the evidence would be there.

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