Nasrallah denies a Hizballah arms depot caused Beirut port explosion

In a speech on Friday, three days after a huge explosion devastated Beirut and its port, Hassan Nasrallah “categorically and strongly denied the presence of any Hizballah arms, missiles or ammonium nitrate at Beirut’s port.” He also denied that his organization runs or controls the port. Those who leveled charges against Hizballah “have since backpedaled,” he claimed, “except for some Lebanese and Arab outlets.” Hizballah was falsely accused, according to its leader.

Nasrallah demanded that all security agencies take part in a joint investigation of the calamity. “There should be a firm and strong probe and anyone involved must be held accountable regardless of affiliation.” In an attempt to clear his organization of culpability, the Hizballah leader remarked: “We might have knowledge of what exists at Haifa’s port, but not at Beirut’s port, because this is not our responsibility.” DEBKAfile: Nasrallah did not refer to the charges that his huge arsenal of missiles is hidden in many populated areas of Lebanon and represents a constant danger.


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