Nasrallah slams Saudis, Arab League, US, awaits Hariri

Hassan Nasrallah responded to the Arab League statement of Sunday branding Hizballah a “terrorist organization” and condemning Iran for destabilizing the region, saying they were expected. “While Hizballah was fighting ISIS which is labeled terrorist by the whole world,  they were calling Hizballah terrorists.” US helicopters had evacuated ISIS leaders from the battlefields in al-Bukamal, he charged..

On Lebanon, Nasrallah said: “We are awaiting the return of the prime minister, who is yet to resign, and we’re open to any dialogue and discussion in the country.  The most important factor for Lebanon’s security,” he said, “is the ‘resistance’ and Hizballah’s arms. If you want security for Lebanon, don’t interfere in our affairs and don’t incite Israel to strike it.” Hizballah had nothing to do with the firing of the missile from Yemen at Saudi Arabia.

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4 thoughts on “Nasrallah slams Saudis, Arab League, US, awaits Hariri

  • Nov 20, 2017 @ 20:43 at 20:43

    Gee, this guy Hassan is too fucking brave, he’s just been labeled a terrorist but still keeps up a big mouth.
    Other people wander on hilltops with a pointed steel helmet in a storm, this is true, but he’s by far the best fail.
    Treasury is desert dry, money river has died, and his bad guys fighters payday is near.
    To run or not to run, this is the question!

  • Nov 21, 2017 @ 1:01 at 1:01

    If Hizballah sits tight and doesn’t provoke Israel, why Israel would want to strike Lebanon?

    • Nov 21, 2017 @ 13:09 at 13:09

      Because Hizballah sitting tight means building offensive weapons resource to then not sit right. Pretty obvious over the past 30 years.


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