Netanyahu and Bennett trade blame for political deadlock

PM Binyamin Netanyahu heaped scorn on Yamina leader Naftali Bennett accusing him of deceiving the public, while in reality seeking to be prime minister of a left-wing government in betrayal of his rightwing values. This is all the more ridiculous, he said, when Bennett heads a party of no more than 7 lawmakers. How does he expect a ragtag government coalition that includes far-left parties to survive and stand up to international pressures and threats from Iran? Netanyahu asked
The prime minister was responding to Yamina leader Naftali Bennett who said in an earlier broadcast, “My first priority is a rightwing government, but PM Binyamin Netanyahu is not getting there.” His second, he said, was “a national unity government” with opposition leader Yair Lapid. If that doesn’t work, he would advise “an election of some sort.”

Netanyahu replied: “The only way out of the deadlock is a separate election for prime minister who can then set up a working government without delay or a Knesset majority. With Yamina’s vote, this constitutional amendment can pass, he said. “That is the democratic way,” Netanyahu insisted, “And I promise to abide by the will of the people.”

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