Netanyahu calls on Bennett and Saar: Come home and set up stable government

PM Binyamin Netanyahu called on two right-wing leaders who broke away from his Likud party and ran on separate tickets to return to the fold and establish a stable right-wing government. Netanyahu had scarcely spoken since last week’s election while opposition leader Yair Lapid scrambled to assemble an alternative to his rule based on the two Likud defectors, Naftali Bennett’s Yemina and Gideon Saar’s New Hope. The prime minister maintained: “The voter gave the rightwing parties a total majority of 65 seats. If we all pull together, we can form a stable, long-life government which the country yearns for and go forward to build on our achievements, especially the successful drive to beat the coronavirus pandemic.” Netanyahu offered Bennett, after whom Lapid is in hot pursuit,  7 safe seats for his party in two successive parliaments as well as senior cabinet posts.


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