Netanyahu: Law enforcement is being “bullied” to bring me down

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in an emotional speech to a huge Likud rally, Thursday night accused his opponents of “constant bullying pressure” on law-enforcement bodies to bring him and his party down. They couldn’t unseat him in democratic elections, he charged, and so they are using the media and playing “a rigged game, a witch hunt” to bring him down. The prime minister said he knew the public, sensing the injustice, would continue to be behind him.

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3 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Law enforcement is being “bullied” to bring me down

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:30 at 12:30

    Duhh… even Obama himself has been caught messing around in Israeli politics. Law enforcement in Israel must be real pushovers to let this happen on a professional level.

    Now that Bibi has made public remarks, if they DO turn out to be true (which is the gut feeling of many, I presume), then it won’t be too good for law enforcement in the short term, but good in the long term.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:51 at 12:51

    It is the last pitch battle of the 5th column to restore their rule in Israel and pass it to their children and grandchildren in the Yishuv Israel under the patronage of Arabs. But times have changed irreversibly. As long as the similar swamp forces do not succeed in bringing down Trump in the US the 5th column in Israel has little chance to succeed. I see little signs that that are not little but omens of big changes to come. Like today attack of Michael Oren on the entrenched 5th column Supreme Court. It is signifiant because Oren is a significant personality who did not say a word till recently waiting for the appropriate time. Now he made two statements of significance. One about the IDF rules of engagement and now about the anachronysm of Judges electing themselves to be supreme judges, like in Thailand.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 14:26 at 14:26

    What next from the leftists who are weaponizing their country, Israel, against the right? Are we going to see “Islamophobia” legislation and an “Islamophobia Day” as proposed for Canada? How about a branch of the Clinton Foundation opening up in place of the new US embassy with Biden’s son running it (Biden’s son just had his daddy negotiate a sweet 1.5 billion dollar deal with the Chinese using Biden’s political influence)?

    Israel, I suggest you not allow your institutions to become as corrupt and deep state as they are in the USA. Only idiots destroy their long-serving democratically elected leaders who have done so much to make Israel great and replace them using totalitarian, Soros-style methods.


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