Netanyahu on US withdrawal from Syria: We shall defend ourselves

“They told us they have other ways to apply their influence in this arena,” said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Wednesday in response to the US decision to pull its troops out of Syria. He said, “We will study their time tables, how it is consummated and, of course, the implications for us. In any event, we will guard our security and defend ourselves in this arena.” In his speech on Hizballah and Iran in Lebanon, a short time earlier, Netanyahu made no reference to Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.

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5 thoughts on “Netanyahu on US withdrawal from Syria: We shall defend ourselves

  • Dec 19, 2018 @ 19:55 at 19:55

    President Trump knows the curse and devastation waiting for America if it ever leaves Israel to its enemies. I doubt he would just leave them defenseless.

  • Dec 19, 2018 @ 20:35 at 20:35

    Now Fascist Iran and its proxies can’t target American troops.

    But American troops can target Fascist Iran and its proxies.

    Something big is brewing.

    If the US or Israel suffer a WMD, Tehran will be annihilated in retaliation.

    Marg Bar the Mahdi!

  • Dec 19, 2018 @ 21:11 at 21:11

    The Troops leave the area to avoid becoming a target after Israel wreaks havoc on Islam and Russia(Russia is a Islamic state as well 40%). It’s on. Damascus will be destroyed in one night by the children of Israel. Satan Allaah‘s end has come. Every Islamic man who wants to convert to the real living god of Israel must ask for forgiveness to Yeshua. Every selfrighteouss jew has to do the same or destruction will lead to eternal damnation. It’s your choice. Time is up!!!

    • Dec 19, 2018 @ 23:06 at 23:06

      ‘And I will exile you beyond Damascus, said He Whose Name is the Lord God of Hosts. ‘

      And it shall come to pass on that day, that the glory of Jacob shall become impoverished and the fatness of his flesh shall become emaciated.
      5. And it shall be like gathering the harvest of the standing grain, and his arm reaps ears, and he shall be as one who gathers ears of grain in the valley of Rephaim.
      6. And gleanings shall be left in it like the cutting of an olive tree, two or three berries at the end of the uppermost bough; four or five on its branches when it produces fruit, says the Lord, God of Israel.
      7. On that day, man shall turn to his Maker, and his eyes shall look to the Holy One of Israel.
      8. And he shall not turn to the altar of the work of his hands, and what his fingers made he shall not regard, neither the asherim nor the sun-images.
      9. On that day, the cities of his strength shall be like the abandonment of the forest and the many branched trees which they abandoned from before the children of Israel, and it became a waste.
      10. For you forgot the God of your salvation, and the Rock of your strength you did not remember; because I planted you with pleasant saplings, and with the branch of a stranger you sow it.

  • Dec 20, 2018 @ 3:52 at 3:52

    Kurdistan has been crawling with Israeli special forces for more than 15 years, it’s their prime special ops corridor into Iran, with the MEK, and with their motorcycle delivery trainees – Seymour Hersh spilled the beans years ago in 2008 when Israeli and the Neocons were ramping up for Iran, Iran being the next step in their Clean Break Plan follow-on to their splendid Neocon victory in Iraq, all the real mensch and bibi wanted to go to Tehran

    Netanyahu is in full Klieg lit exposure all over America as Judge Emmet Sullivan’s spontaneous overflowing anger at Flynn and Kushner for treason with Netanyahu [over UN 2334 and over PsyGroup Rigging the election] and what the Judge feels should be prosecuted as treason or presumably the Logan Act

    As Trump orders the 2000 – 4000 US forces home, the Israeli and joint unit’s cover story is collapsing as well, it was just the cover story for the Kurd/Israeli units and to tie the US into a triggered war. Despite what Netanyahu says these Israeli units will have to be withdrawn immediately, along with the US forces. Time for Israel to fold up the operation in Kurdistan and send it’s units home

    They should not stay and hopefully saner heads than the Defense Minister, Prime Minister, Commuication Minister and Foreign Minister prevail

    Bibi must step down – Judge Emmet Sullivan and the American people won’t tolerate it – Netanyahu’s accomplices in the US – Kushner, Don Jr and Trump are all on Mueller’s table

    Mueller’s got Netanyahu on Multiple Charges


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