Netanyahu: Pfizer to set up 2 factories and an R&D center in Israel

PM Binyamin Netanyahu disclosed Monday that Pfizer plans to establish two factories and an R&D center in Israel to make the country a world center of vaccine research and production. In a long TV interview, Netanyahu said he had placed millions more vaccine orders with Pfizer and Moderna to have the country ready for repeat inoculations next year.

He appealed repeatedly to “the 570,000 Israelis” who have not been vaccinated to repair the omission without delay, because once this is accomplished, Israel can see the end of the pandemic.
Asked about President Joe Biden avoiding calling Netanyahu since his election, the prime minister said: “We’ve known each other for 40 years and so we have our differences but our relations with the Democrats are excellent.”

Asked about reports that he was pursuing legislation that grants a sitting prime minister immunity from prosecution, Netanyahu replied sharply. “That won’t be necessary. The cases against me are falling apart because they were rigged. It is clear to all by now that they have no substance.”

Netanyahu voiced confidence that in the March 23 election, the right-wing camp led by his Likud will win its first chance of forming a government of 61 without leftwing partners..


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