Netanyahu prone to reject UN-Egyptian-brokered truce deal with Hamas

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is apt to reject the UN-Egyptian brokered long-term truce deal between Hamas and Israel in its present form, when it comes before the security cabinet on Sunday, circles close to the PMO informed DEBKAfile Saturday night. His advisers informed him that intelligence evaluations of the arrangements on offer are skeptical about some of its provisions standing up due to their non-compliance either by Hamas or Egypt. Netanyahu saw no realistic opening, moreover, for a Hamas commitment to hand over the remains of Israeli soldiers fallen in battle and the hostages held by Hamas. The cabinet is therefore likely to delay a decision pending further negotiations. The Palestinian Authority flatly refused to play any part in the truce deal on offer.


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3 thoughts on “Netanyahu prone to reject UN-Egyptian-brokered truce deal with Hamas

  • Aug 4, 2018 @ 21:36 at 21:36

    How to trick these Jews in submission, how???

  • Aug 5, 2018 @ 7:27 at 7:27

    If Bibi or the Government accepts anything even remotely resembling this “deal”,
    their legacies will parallel those of Obama and his Secy of State Herman Munster,
    who allowed and brought gifts to the Iranians when they signed on to the Nuclear

    The only proper response for Bibi, for the Government and for the IDF is a massive,
    uninterrupted, anti-ecological, white-hot, flesh-burning, searing of the land of Gaza
    and the utter and complete annihilation of ALL the people who live there, their cities
    and farms, their homes, their businesses, their parents and children, their possessions,
    even their pets. These are the Amalekites of 21st century Jewry, and their just fate is
    described and prescribed in the Bible.

  • Aug 5, 2018 @ 18:06 at 18:06

    …Inexplicable Cowardice on behalf of Bibi and co. Again !


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