Netanyahu to continue reform legislation. Protesters: We too will carry on

In a speech to the nation Thursday night, PM Binyamin Netanyahu rehashed previous arguments in favor of his government’s hotly disputed judicial reform overhaul. Amid violent clashes between protesters and police across the country, Netanyahu told TV viewers that he stood by the government’s commitment to table the reform plan, starting next week with the clause designed to revamp the panel choosing judges. The rest would come later. Protest leaders shouted back that they too would carry on their increasngly destructive campaign against the reform. Netanyahu insisted he was abiding by his pledge to serve “all parts of Israel” and the reform plan served both sides of the dispute. Before he went on the air, Netanyahu summoned Defense Minister Yoav Galant to his office, following which the minister called off the news conference he had called to press for a halt in reform legislation, due to the irretrievable damage beng caused to the army and national security.

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