Netanyahu: We can manage without a few squadrons, not without a govrnment

PM Binyamin Netanyahu says he is mentally prepared for mass refusal by reservists to volunteer for duty, as their protest against the government’s judicial overhaul legislation. He spoke on Friday in an interview with commentator Amit Segal, after many thousands of protesters staged riotous scenes of disruption across the country and promised more to come.  The reasonability standard must be abolished, Netanyahu said, adding that the relevant law would go forward to its final readings with majority support, because, he said, leaving it in place would empower the judges to cripple the executive branch of government and its ability to perform. “The country can manage without a few squadrons,” he stressed, “but not without a government. “

DEBKAfile: The protest movement objects to negotiations for a consensual format, insisting that the entire reform program be scrapped.

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