Night curfew is enforced in 40 “red” Israeli towns and districts

The week-long night curfew going into effect on Tuesday at 7.00 pm until 5,00 am was approved by the Law Ministers’ Cabinet for 40 towns and districts with high coronavirus contagion. Schools are to be closed in those towns, excepting those serving special needs; stores, too, aside from outlets for essentials.  Residents may stay within 500m from their homes, although people with jobs can go to work.  The coronavirus director Prof. Ronnie Gamzu is waiting for more data on the prevalence of the virus before determining whether a national lockdown is to be imposed for the High Festivals beginning on the 18th. On Tuesday, the level of infection broke all previous Israeli records with 3,392 new cases, although the rise of serious cases was much slower.

More than 30 Israel Arab towns and communities are under curfew as well as a proportionately high number of ultra-Orthodox towns. In some of the larger towns, Eilat, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Jerusalem, certain districts have been placed under curfew – not the whole city:

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