Palestinian gunman tracked down and killed in Jaffa after murdering 2 Israelis in Tel Aviv

Police plus special forces tracked down Palestinian Raed Hazem, 28, from the Jenin refugee camp hiding near a mosque in Jaffa. He was killed in a firefight early Friday, 10 hours after murdering two young Israel men and injuring 14 others in a terrorist attack on Dizengoff St. in Tel Aviv. Security forces had made hundreds of arrests in the Jenin area, a known Palestinian Islamic Jihad bastion, after a row of terrorist attacks. Hazem, who had no former listing for terrorist affiliations, slipped through the net and reached Tel Aviv with a gun – possibly through one of the many breaches in the security fence border, to which the military turns a blind eye for tens of thousands of Palestinian workers to make their way to jobs in Israel.

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