Palestinian terrorists in Gaza set to hit back for annexation – report

The various armed terrorist groups of the Gaza Strip have already received orders from their commanders to prepare for counter-action if and when Israel goes forward with extending sovereignty on part of the West Bank. This is reported by the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds. They plan to “turn the tables” on Israel. The Hamas military arm’s spokesman Abu Obeida said that if next Thursday Israel proceeds with this step, it will be taken as a “declaration of war” on the Palestinian people. “We will defend ourselves and cause Israel to regret its action,” he said.
The Hamas official added that prisoner exchange with Israel is still a high priority for his organizations. But the release of high-ranking prisoners and those “with blood on their hands” must be incorporated in the deal.

Jihad Islamic sources told the paper that his organization and Hamas and other factions have fully synchronized their political tactics and action on the ground against Israel’s plans.

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