Palestinians state will rise within pre-1967 borders for Israeli annexation

Partial Israel West Bank annexation is “an existential threat to the Palestinians,” PM Mohmmad Shtayyeh told a foreign press conference in Ramallah on Tuesday. “If Israel goes ahead with its plans to impose sovereignty over a number of West Bank areas, the Palestinian Authority (PA) will retaliate by proclaiming a state in the pre-1967 borders,” he said. Ramallah would also withdraw its recognition of Israeli statehood, said the Palestinian leader. The Palestinian Authority last week halted security cooperation with Israel and its chairman, Mahmoud Abbas had threatened to dissolve the PA and relegate the care of the Palestinian population to Israel.  All the same, Shtayyeh pledged Palestinian forces would continue to prevent an escalation of violence on the West Bank and would not turn against Israel even if annexation went through.

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