Pfizer vaccine jabs in five days’ time for 160,00 elderly Israelis

With millions more Pfizer covid-19 vaccine doses s on their way to Israel, after the FDA approved its emergency use, the Health Ministry plans to kick off vaccinations with shots for 160,000 senior citizens in five days’ time. Mass inoculations are due to start on Dec. 27. The Ministry issued caveats on the vaccine’s general use, advising its avoidance by allergy sufferers, by pregnant women and youngsters under 16 for lack of trial data on these groups.

The coronavirus figures released on Saturday showed 1,865 new cases, raising the total of actively ill to 16,198, of whom 320 were diagnosed in serious condition and 108 on ventilators. A single additional death overnight pushed the toll up to 2,962.

The coronavirus cabinet ruled on Thursday that further restrictions would be imposed only when the number of new cases climbed to 2,500 per day.

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