Phase 1 trial of Israeli covid-19 cure proves effective in 96pc of tested cases – report

An innovative medication EXO-CD24 produced at the Tel Aviv Ichilov Medical Center was reported by national broadcaster Kan 11 on Thursday night to have effected a cure in 95pc of the cases tested in its first trial on human beings. The technology was developed over many years of research at Prof. Nadir Arber’s laboratory in Ichilov. The medication was first designed to slow the deterioration of medium-to-serious coronavirus cases. However, after it was administered to 30 seriously ill patients,  29 showed improvement after 2-3 days and  shortly after were discharged from hospital. The Health Ministry’s Helsinki commission has been asked to approve further trials of EXO-CD24 in view of its promising results. No one has so far come up with a cure for Covid-19 beyond Phase 1 of trials. A possible breakthrough at the Tel Aviv hospital is causing great excitement in scientific and medical circles.

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