PM calls an urgent cabinet meeting at short notice

PM Binyamin Netanyahu has asked cabinet ministers to convene at 1800 IT Tuesday. The ministers were ordered to observe tight secrecy. Political sources believe that the subject is related to security-related or a diplomatic development – not the coronavirus. Likud ministers were summoned first, followed by their Kachal Lavan partners.. While regular government sessions currently take place on Zoom to avoid covid infection, this time Netanyahu ordered the ministers to gather at two places ready for a video conference.

The Israeli air force Monday launched a large-scale military exercise in the north.

Hundreds of aircraft struck 3,000 simulated targets inside a 24-hour span. The drill was intended to relay the message to Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah that his organization will not be allowed to get away with several days of belligerence. The Israeli air force is able to switch in an instant to full-scale warfare and fight simultaneously against both the Lebanese terrorist group and the Assad regime.


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