Police detain 32 Palestinian Jerusalemites covertly employed by PA

The 32 Palestinians detained in East Jerusalem early Monday were secretly employed by the Palestinian Authority’s security service, while carrying Israeli residence papers. Some also drew Israeli welfare benefits.  Found in their homes were quantities of illegal sidearms, ammunition, Palestinian military uniforms and large sums of cash. The suspects were taken to the Central Unit of the Jerusalem District Police for interrogation.

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3 thoughts on “Police detain 32 Palestinian Jerusalemites covertly employed by PA

  • Nov 26, 2018 @ 13:53 at 13:53

    The 5th column is alive and thriving inside Israel. There is no such thing as a Terrorstinian who wants peace and to live a normal life as a citizen of a great and accommodating, law-abiding country like Israel. They insist on their own terror entities and “states” and will stop at nothing to serve the violent ways of their prophet.

  • Nov 26, 2018 @ 15:00 at 15:00

    A Muslim Terrorist is BORN not Made its in the Muslim DNA….Israel needs to remember that all Muslims Hate Jews like EX-Sam Osama Obama….No Such thing as a Moderate Muslim,,Ha Ha.
    If you Stupid Jews in Israel think by letting them Terrorist into Israel they will turn into the Jewish Cult Religion Palestinians then you are BLIND.
    Dont Ever think you have a Good Muslim because a Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim…..Just more Facts not Israeli Fiction.

  • Nov 26, 2018 @ 15:27 at 15:27

    Arab occupiers of the two Israel territories Gaza and West Bank were using children to recruit classmates as suicide bombers back in 2000-2005.
    I saw them myself on TV dancing and cheering in the streets for days in a row on 9/11.
    Also, they went on a killing spree at the Munich Olympics.
    They kill, love killing Jews, and are born to kill and kill.

    But people apparently sane and Ok mentally call them “Palestinians” in place of Killerstinians , this is really hard to understand.


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