Police forcibly remove protesters blocking entry to Knesset for crucial votee

Tens of thousands of anti-judicial reform protesters clashed with police Monday morning when they tried to block Knesset entrances to deputies arriving for the noon vote on the second and final readings of the “reasonability” standar bill curtailing High Court powers. Intense behind-the-scenes efforts to reach a compromise formula meanwhile continued. Two main opposition leaders were at odds over tactics. MK Benny Gantz favored a compromise, while Yair Lapid urged a tough stand against the overhaul. Heads of the protest campaign loudly demand the total ditching of the entire reform program while constantly escalating disruptions across the country. Monday, some of the big retail networks shut their doors in solidarity with the military reservists who vowed to refuse volunteer duty if the legal overhaul went through.

The PM decided to take part in the vote although his doctors ordered 48 hours rest after discharging him from hospital on Monday morning with a new pacemaker.

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