Pompeo pledges to act against anti-Israel boycott, visits Psagot and the Golan


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to the Golan  from a visit n Thursday to the winery at the Jewish settlement of Psagot near Ramallah in Samaria. “Today I’ll have the chance to visit the Golan Heights,” Pompeo said and hailed President Trump’s “simple recognition of the territory as part of Israel as… historically important and simply a recognition of reality.”

Earlier, he pledged at a joint press conference with PM Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem to take action against the “hateful global anti-Israel BDS campaign” which he called anti-Semitic and a “cancer.” US government support would be withdrawn from those groups, he said. Pompeo emphasized that US commitment to Israel’s security was “ironclad.” He condemned Iran’s regional aggression and said US had no intention to pull the brakes on its “maximum pressure” campaign. He thanked Israel for its support in this campaign.


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