President rebukes protesters, a prime minister’s murder is not unbelievable

President Reuven Rivlin expressed extreme concern over the unruly demonstrations staged nightly for Binyamin Netanyahu’s resignation. They have brought forth counter-violence by the prime minister’s supporters and extreme police action, resulting in injuries and detentions. In this climate, President Rivlin warned, “the assassination of a demonstrator or even of a prime minister does not seem far-fetched. We have lived through this shocking experience. Woe betide our democracy if brother takes up arms against brother.” The president said the police must pursue the perpetrators of such violence to the fullest extent of the law. “I cry out against the calls to harm the prime minister and his family and call on the Israel Police to treat these threats with the utmost seriousness.” Rivlin summoned the opposition and government parties to both speak up to calm the raging spirits on the streets.

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